Benjamin Franklin Medals - Nominations

The Franklin Institute invites you to nominate candidates for the Benjamin Franklin Medals. From its inception, The Franklin Institute has used awards and prizes to recognize and promote excellence in science, technology, and industry. The endowed Benjamin Franklin Medals are given annually in the following seven disciplines of science:

  • Chemistry

  • Civil and Mechanical Engineering

  • Computer and Cognitive Science

  • Earth and Environmental Science

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Life Science

  • Physics

Please feel free to share this call for nominations with others who might wish to make a nomination.


  • This is an international competition for individuals whose work has a significant impact on the aforementioned fields of science and is not restricted by theme or topic.

  • Candidates for the award must be living persons, and the winner is expected to participate in the Awards Ceremony and other Awards Week events in Philadelphia.

  • The subject of the candidate's research must be an invention, discovery, technological development, or a body of work reflecting extraordinary insight, skill, or creativity.

  • The work must have scientific value and/or proven utility. It must have provided significant direction for future research, solved an important problem, or provided great benefit to the public.

  • There must be sufficient submitted documentation to support further investigation.

Selection Process

  • Nominations will be accepted from any individual, organization, or institution.

  • Self-nominations are permitted.

  • Nominations will be forwarded to the appropriate discipline within the Committee on Science and the Arts of the Franklin Institute. The Committee carefully selects candidates in a thorough case investigation process, which may take up to two years. Scientists and engineers who lead their fields, expand knowledge, challenge standards, and serve humanity are recognized.

  • Nominations must be submitted in English. Reference letters are considered confidential. Names and addresses of references should be suggested by the nominator.

  • There is no deadline for submissions. Nominations will be acknowledged promptly, but the case method review process typically requires two years to complete.

  • Nominations may be submitted by mail or email.

Nomination Checklist

Nominations must be submitted in English and must include the following:

  • Name, Occupational Address, Phone, Fax, and Email of nominee

  • Name, Occupational Address, Phone, Fax, and Email of nominator

  • Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography of significant publications of nominee

  • A Narrative Statement describing the nominee's qualifications for the Award.

  • A Proposed Citation - limit to 1 or 2 sentences

  • Names and Addresses of at least 5 references for nominee.

Nominations and full package of materials should be mailed, faxed, or emailed to:

Beth Scheraga
Director of Awards Program
The Franklin Institute
222 North 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1194

Phone: 215.448.1329
Fax: 215.448.1364

Deadline is OPEN.