Daily Live Science Demonstrations

Live Science Demo in the Atrium at The Franklin Institute

Join us in the Atrium for our Live Science Shows, taking place throughout the day from 11am to 5pm! 

Under Pressure - We swim in an ocean of air, its particles are colliding with us all the time and balance is key. Find out what affects it, how it affects you and what happens when we tip the scales, you feel the pressure yet?

10-in-10 Live Science Show - There is 10 minutes on the clock and we have to do 10 different science demonstrations, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s chaos and comedy as we perform some of the greatest hits from our collection of explosions, implosions, pops and bangs!

The Fourth State - Things really heat up as we explore the fourth state of matter, Plasma! How is it made, where do we see it and what can we do with it, The science is quite shocking

Liquid Air Show - Take part in some chilling science with liquid nitrogen to see how ultra-cold temperatures change that ways that familiar materials behave.  Guests of all ages will enjoy joining TFI Educators in one of our longest-running Live Science Shows! 

Science of Combustion - Discover the science behind the BOOM thanks to the main ingredients of combustion -- energy, fuel and oxygen. This show is sure to begin and end with a BANG!

Note: latex balloons are used in all shows.

Don't miss our daily dissections in The Giant Heart Exhibit throughout the day from 11am to 5pm! 

Eye Dissection - Learn how your own eyes work as you watch the dissection of a real cow's eye.

Heart Dissection - Learn how your own heart works as you watch the dissection of a real sheep's heart.

Flower Dissection - Examine all the parts of a flowering plant (may include fruit) and how it relates to plant reproduction.

Owl Pellet Dissection – What will we find in these regurgitated masses that give us a glimpse into the diets of owls.