Daily Live Science Demonstrations

Two teenage girls dissecting a sheep's heart during a Live Science demonstration at The Franklin Institute.

Information for Group Science Shows 

Liquid Air Show* - Take part in some chilling science with liquid nitrogen to see how ultra-cold temperatures change that ways that familiar materials behave.  Guests of all ages will enjoy joining TFI Educators in one of our longest-running Live Science Shows! 

Eye Dissection - Learn how your own eyes work as you watch the dissection of a real cow's eye.

Heart Dissection - Learn how your own heart works as you watch the dissection of a real sheep's heart.

Weather Show - Weather happens every day, and all weather exists thanks to the combination of three ingredients— heat, air, and water.  Students will explore the cooling effects of rain, see a cloud and a tornado of fire created live on stage, and experience the force that high wind speeds can have by launching a pencil through a board.

Random Acts of Science - Get inspired while our educators shares their favorite stories, demonstrations, and exciting phenomena in science. 

Science of Combustion* - Discover the science behind the BOOM thanks to the main ingredients of combustion -- energy, fuel and oxygen. This show is sure to begin and end with a BANG!

Solar Observing** - Take a look at the sun through our historic Zeiss refracting telescope and learn more about telescopes and astronomy. 

*Latex Balloons Used

 **Weather permitting.

Daily schedule varies. Check the Daily Programs Sheet when you arrive for times and locations.