Virtual Reality: Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual reality headset at the Franklin Institute's holodeck

Do I need a VR headset in order to watch the videos?
In order to experience virtual reality, you’ll need a VR headset such as a Google Cardboard, the HTC Vive, or the Oculus Rift. You can purchase a Google Cardboard from several recommended vendors. See Google Cardboard’s website for more information.

How do I play a video?
1. Download The Franklin Institute app for your iPhone or Android. You must have iOS 8.0 or later or Android 4.1 or later.
2. Connect to WiFi to avoid data charges.
3. Select a VR video to watch from The Franklin Institute app’s Virtual Reality section. You can choose to stream the video or download it to your device.

Do I need to use headphones to watch VR videos?
No, but we recommend using them for the best experience.

Do I have to download a video to watch it?
No, you can choose to stream a video or download it to watch it at any time.

What do I do if I’m having trouble downloading a video?
Make sure you are connected to WiFi and do not leave the app once you’ve started the download. If your phone goes to sleep while the video is downloading, it will stop the process. Prevent this by going, on iOS, to Settings > General > Auto-Lock and, on Android, to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout > Set timeout to “Never.”

How do I delete a VR video that I’ve downloaded?
To delete a video that you previously downloaded, tap “Remove Video” in the bottom right of the video page.

What should I do if the video is blurry or doesn’t look right?
Make sure your phone is positioned flat against the viewer, with the center of the app screen aligned with the center of the viewer. If you have your phone set to zoom, turn this function off in your settings. You may also want to remove your phone case for a more snug fit.