Wedding Trends - Fall 2016

Wedding ceremony being held in front of the Benjamin Franklin Memorial at The Franklin Institute.

This upcoming fall, our 2016 couples are exploring the new ways of incorporating “something old, something new.

For the brides and grooms who love the “something old” trend, we are noticing more vintage inspired décor.  Old family photos, vintage luggage, old broaches, touching memorials to loved ones who have passed, etc.  Lace, and classic colors are all the rage for these brides.  The tradition of the bouquet and garter toss, which had gone away for a bit, is now coming back.  The group/choreographed bridal party dances have faded, and now just the traditional first dance and parent dances are the spotlight moments of the reception.  Couples are bringing in vintage typewriters for guests to type them letters of well wishes instead of signing a guest book. Many couples are celebrating their family traditions of bringing in traditional baked desserts; a trend that has its origins in Pittsburgh and is now catching attention with a wider audience is the Cookie Table.  The Bride and Groom ask their close family and friends to bake their favorite cookie recipes and they serve them as a dessert table to guests.

Tradition and tried and true are making their way back.

On the flip side of this, we have more modern couples who are into “something new.” These couples are choosing metallics and rich purples for their linen. Instead of the traditional photo booth, they want video gifs that get sent to your phone immediately to be uploaded on social media. Hashtags and live video streams are still a hot trend.  Instead of a traditional wedding cake, people are putting out dessert tables and candy bars, and getting rid of the cake altogether. People are now doing video thank you clips to their guests, replacing the old fashioned hand-written note. Some couples are doing choreographed first dances that start out with a soft, romantic song and then switches to something  fun and upbeat mid-song, letting the couple  showcase their serious and their fun side.

Cupcakes prepared by Frog Commissary at The Franklin Institute.

The same can be said of food and beverage.  Some couples are opting for more traditional dishes and wines with champagne toasts, while other couples are opting for unexpected selections that feature more local, seasonal and artisanal options.  Small plate stations are a new alternative to a sit down dinner.  Craft beers and cocktails are gaining popularity with weddings; some popular fall cocktails include mulled wines and spiked ciders with whole cinnamon sticks and cloves.

Whether you are a bride who embraces the new, or a traditional couple who appreciates a nod to the classics, there is something for everyone this season.