Wedding Trends - Spring 2017

It’s 2017, and there are some exciting, new trends on the rise for our spring wedding line up! This season it is all about the guys.

Bridal parties no longer fit traditional gender roles. Couples are shaking things up by having both men and women stand for them in their bridal party. The old fashioned lines of men and women, standing at the ceremony space have changed.  Many brides are choosing to have a “man of honor” instead of the typical maid or matron of honor.

The bridal party dance, which has traditionally been something that the girls put together, has turned into an event that the guys are now embracing. Groomsmen are coordinating some impressive dance moves, as they put on a show for the bride and guests!

Men are also taking center stage in the dessert arena. The groom’s cake has been a trend that comes and goes. This season, the grooms cake is definitely in. School/alma mater themes are still the most popular, but many other groom cakes are aimed at showcasing the groom’s politics and hobbies.

The guys are not the only one’s breaking the mold of tradition this season.  The dessert scene is also changing. Many couples are choosing to do away with cake altogether, opting instead for dessert buffets.  Other alternative dessert trends include traditional styled cookie tables, elaborate candy bars and butlered milk & cookies. Another popular treat for guests are “sweet and savory” pairings, such as fries and milkshakes at the end of the night as guests exit.

Those couples that keep the tradition of cutting the cake, are doing an “un-announced” cake cutting. Couples are choosing to take the photographer aside and cut the cake in private, rather than breaking up the flow of dancing for guests. 

More than just dessert, seasonal menu selections are a great way to incorporate local and fresh items into your special day.  Spring menus should be light and fresh.  A great first course option could include a baby arugula salad with spring peas, shaved asparagus, and ricotta salata with polenta croutons. This salad would be topped with a lemon thyme vinaigrette. A popular spring entrée could feature an herb roasted arctic char, served with an edamame farro risotto, with poached tomato, and finished with an olive oil emulsion. 

There are some creative ways this spring season, that couples are creating lasting memories for guests at their wedding receptions.  The best way to capture the spirit of these new trends, would be with the saying, “What’s old is now new again.”  Guests are re-discovering the joy of printed pictures and polaroid cameras.  Polaroid place cards and favors are making their way back to the guest or place card table. The instant gratification of a polaroid photo has become a fun alternative to the ever-popular photo booth.

Artists are also a hot trend right now. Whether it’s a caricaturist stenciling guests during cocktails, or an artist painting the first dance or dinner reception in real time, couples are finding a new appreciation for the uniqueness of capturing a special moment in time for both themselves and their guests.

Another artistic activity that couples are incorporating into their special day, especially here at the Franklin Institute, are virtual reality experiences. Couples can create virtual artwork for guests to walk through, virtual ice sculptures, or design augmented reality experiences.  Guests can download an app on their phone that shows a virtual message from the couple. The message can appear at the reception or at the bar!  These are just some of the innovative ways that couples can make their wedding day stand out in a very special, and literal, way!

As you can see, this spring, the traditional ideas of gender, food and art are being challenged and taken to the next level. Some concepts are new, some unexpected, and some are still old-fashioned, but with a fun modern twist. The combination makes for an exciting and unforgettable spring wedding season.